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Breakthrough Clean BT-COP-44 Badge Pull Thru Kit .44/.45 Cal

Breakthrough Clean BT-COP-44 Badge Pull Thru Kit .44/.45 Cal

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Experience the ultimate convenience with the Breakthrough Clean Technologies Badge Series Pull-Through Cleaning Kit. This all-in-one kit packs a punch, ensuring your gun stays in top-notch condition. Featuring top-of-the-line cleaning tools and highly effective All-In-One CLP, this kit has everything you need to clean your .44/.45 caliber firearms. Provided are all accessories needed and is neatly organized in a rugged nylon molle pouch. Elevate your range day with a cleaner, and a more reliable firearm with Breakthrough Clean Technologies.

Brand Breakthrough Clean
Category Cleaning Kits
Series Pull Thru Kit
Model Badge
Caliber .44
Purpose Cleans / Lubricates / Protects
Case Material Nylon
Pieces 8
Case Molle Pouch
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